• PoT-out of scope solutions for EMV Migration
    PoT - Simplifying
    EMV Migration
    with out of scope solution
  • GoPay - The Mobile Card Reader on the go
    GoPay - The Mobile
    Card Reader on the go
    with Bluetooth connectivity and SDK
  • GoPay - The Mobile Card Reader on the go
    SPAD001 - The SRED
    Certified Key Pad
    with MSR & EMV Reader
  • SCR 215E, EMV End-to-End Certified with Heartland
    Introduces Enhanced
    Payment Solutions
    SCR100 (SRED) / SCR215E
  • Cashing in on Cashless World
    Cashing in
    on Cashless World
    Secure Reliable Transactions

Making waves in the cashless payment industry

Rapid technological advancements have transformed industries.
Keeping pace with these changes, UIC has been making waves
in the cashless payment field.

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Provide a unique catalog of value-added service applications. As a reputable payment software and hardware provider, we have been offering fully automated products to multiple clients. From retail to transport, a variety of clients depends on our robust, innovative products to streamline their business payments.



Trusted and highly secure transactions

Secure Transaction


Much faster and secure transaction time making shopping a pleasurable experience

Parking Zone


Fully automated, secure and unattended for 24x7x365 parking zones



Easy to use, hassle-free Point-Of-Sales with our solutions

Filling your vehicles


Filling your vehicles’ tanks is a total breeze



With our secure and plug and play solutions, your customers will be totally satisfied



Products that are moving with the times and to the future



Versatility from swipe, dip or tap is all covered with UIC



UIC products are the catalyst for consumer adoption of cashless payment Kiosks

Worldwide Business Coverage

With over three decades of expertise and experience in cashless payment industry,
UIC is your proven trustworthy global partner for products and manufacturing

51 countries
500+ customers

Our Customers

Take your business to the next level with our safe, secure payment solutions. We seek to establish long-term relationship with each client. Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business. After all, we are partners, not just service providers.

  • Aristocart
  • NCR
  • Coulomb Technologies
  • Discover
  • SG
  • CPI

UIC Technology Domain Expertise

We are passionate about deploying customized payment systems that suit each client’s business goals and requirements.
Our extensive product range includes, but is not limited to, EMV payment service applications and near field communication products.
With compliment of over 100 top class development, QA and manufacturing engineers,
UIC prides itself in delivering highest quality products and solutions time and again.

Secure Payment Products For Retail!

Do you find it hard to keep the line moving at the POS? We bring you a range of affordable retail POS systems and payment service applications that will give you back hours, and pay for themselves in a few months.

Along with a range of EMV payment services and related NFC products, we deliver a true multi-channel platform that enables you to accept payments in a variety of ways. Our solutions include secure payment hardware, secure payment software and range of Near Field Communication products. These have been designed to simplify sales, and help facilitate your customers in a more holistic manner.

Let us help you build trust and brand loyalty with leading Point of Sale services. We can provide you with superior payment security needed to defend your business against credit card fraud, while ensuring a seamless, hassle-free payment processing system for your stores.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about these tailored payment solutions and other services that can meet your business challenges.

UIC technology
UIC products


Stickler for Quality, Safety and Security, all UIC Products conform to latest global Standards and Certifications

VISA Pay Wave
MasterCard Paypass
Express Pay
Android Pay