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Products, Design and Manufacturing

Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) positions itself as a professional Design Manufacture Service provider in the cashless payment industry. Since its inception in 1983, UIC has been a leading provider of award-winning components and systems for several vertical markets ranging from banking to transportation. UIC’s products combine affordability, reliability, security and performance to enable robust and resilient easy to use transactions. The company has offices in Fremont, USA and Frankfurt, Germany to support the American and European markets respectively.

UIC’s product portfolio includes Magnetic Stripe, EMV Certified Smart Chip and Near Field Communication (NFC) products and decoder integrated circuits. Coupled to the universal name as a leader in products and integrated circuits, UIC has excelled itself as a primary partner for OEM/ODM and contract manufacturing in the digital money industry and takes pride in exceeding customer expectations in product development, support and manufacturing.

UIC keeps abreast of technological developments and ensures that UIC products have plug and play capability with forward looking features using most advanced technologies. UIC NFC/contactless technology, EMV chip reading, POS signature capture and MSR platforms seamlessly interoperate with almost all electronic cash registers used by large-scale retailers globally. For over 20 years, UIC has been a trend setter for Magnetic Stripe Reader and Writer products and now it is following the same trend in EMV and NFC products and systems.

UIC has R&D, Marketing, Sales, Operations in Taipei Taiwan and Fremont, California. The manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and we have sales offices throughout the world.

Payment Systems

UIC has a complete suite of payment systems ranging from Magnetic Stripe Readers/Writers (contact and contactless), smart chip platforms including EMV certified and Near Field Communication (NFC) platforms. For over 20 years, UIC has been a trend setter for Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR) platforms and has been well accepted worldwide and UIC has been recognized as one of the most trustworthy, value added developer of cashless payment platforms for all markets.

In order to complete the cashless payment platforms portfolio, UIC introduced its first EMV payment reader and Contactless RFID payment reader in 2005 with the charter to focus on specific vertical markets. All UIC solutions feature the most advanced technologies and comply with the latest transaction security requirements.

WebPOS Services

UIC WebPOS provide comprehensive range of secure payment and point of sale services that aid SMB merchants increase their sales significantly. WebPOS will serve as the ultimate Enterprise Retail Solution that will cater to almost all types of Retail establishments from:

  • • groceries/supermarkets
  • • drugstore/pharmacy
  • • boutiques and specialty shops
  • • restaurants
  • • fastfood chains
  • • spas and saloon and many more

For SMBs to Enterprise, WebPOS is cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) that will also serve as a retail platform which will help UIC clients eliminate integration efforts, offer one-stop service package, and embed cutting-edge security technology to ensure seamless digital payments.



In most cases, UIC invariably develops two versions of the same product. One to use for the OEM customer and one for its own use. The OEM version of the product is sold, without the retail packaging making it cheaper cost to OEM partners and system integrators.

We ensure that OEM products are the exact same quality as the retail versions, but our warranties are different for internal versus the OEM product. OEM packages will be different based on our OEM customer requirements. Customers may not want us to retail package their products or they can to do it themselves.


We provide all the services necessary to take our customers’ marketing requirements and carry out full product life cycle from product conceptualization to first customer shipment (FCS) and even post FCS support. We adopt best practices in any process and deliver highest quality products most cost effectively.

With our excellent engineering team, no electronic circuit design, PCB layout, mechanical design, industrial design, plastic mold design, firmware development, and software development is beyond our capabilities. We integrate state of the art technology with excellent customer service, allowing us to provide cost effective designs in a timely manner.

With nearly three decades of experience in designing and developing payment cards systems, UIC takes pride in exceeding customer expectations and can support its customers’ most satisfactorily in the face of rapidly changing technological world. We offer volume manufacturing and after-sales full support.

In-House and Contract Manufacturing (Outsourcing)

Unlike UIC, not all companies are fortunate enough to boast in-House Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing. We do both. We know all enterprises large or small outsource their products to companies like Flextronics, Sanmina, etc. This is due to not wanting the additional burden of owning or renting very large facilities, customizing to its products, dealing with local government, etc and bearing exorbitant up front costs to build the facility(s).

UIC founders realized that one of the key benefits of In-House Manufacturing is flexibility. Instead of having to contact businesses the other side of the world to change something, add something or contribute an idea; one department merely has to meet the other. If something needs changing, if there’s a problem or if one comes up with an innovative idea, all one has to do is inform the other department.

This pacey and flexible manner of contact allows businesses to move through the product development and production phases quickly and easily. If need be, they can change one of the areas quickly and react to market changes almost instantaneously. Nevertheless, UIC founders also realized that contract manufacturing is very lucrative business and has helped improve UIC’s bottom line.

Contract Manufacturing (CM)

UIC’s CM offering has the following benefits:
  • Using best practices UIC finished products are of the highest quality
  • Having multiple customers, UIC benefits from economies of scale and providing cost effective reliable products
  • Since UIC has processes in place for highest quality for its own products, same processes and methodologies are used for CM

Our skill sets of Operations are shared equally with companies and they can take advantage of skills that they may not possess, but the contract manufacturer does. The contract manufacturer is likely to have relationships formed with raw material suppliers or methods of efficiency within their production.