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Fremont, CA – June 20, 2014 – Expanding its leadership in library automation technology, Comprise has integrated UIC’s PP795SE secure card terminal across its line of self-service Smart Payment Kiosks™ and point of sale software, Smart Money Manager™. Any library that accepts credit and/or debit card payments can implement the Comprise/UIC solution to avoid risks by complying with PCI 3.0 certification.

With the PP795SE, consumers can complete payment transactions, and fine or fee payments at circulation desks or at self-service stations. It improves the collection efficiency because it is easy, convenient, and secure. The PP795SE easily accepts credit cards in both mag-stripe or chip and PIN, avoids the risk of exposing cardholder data, and in combination with Comprise software supports real-time financial reports.The PP795SE works just like the customer facing payment terminal at your local supermarket!

One key benefit of the Comprise/UIC solution is that cardholder data never enters the library’s public network because the PP795SE transmits payment data directly to Comprise’s secure Internet gateway.

“We are excited to offer this cutting edge technology and to deliver secure and robust payment devices. By introducing UIC’s pinpad, not only does it simplify the complex payment transaction integration it also establishes the highest level of security“, said Albert Li, vice president, sales/business development, UIC. Albert Li also stated, “Rest at ease that your card holder data is safe and secure and your library is more automatic and efficient.

“By integrating UIC’s PP795SE across our line of payment solutions, Comprise is able to offer our customers an easy-to-use, uniform, secure solution for accepting credit cards. This is entirely compatible with our commitment to help libraries protect patron privacy through innovation and partnership with other best of breed contributors” said Dan Curtin, President of Comprise Technologies.

In addition, the card association announced EMV migration in the United States. EMV technology greatly reduces a criminal’s ability to use stolen credit card data.

About Comprise

Comprise is the leading independent provider of technology access and revenue management solutions for libraries throughout North America. For over 23 years Comprise has helped customers maximize the value of their public-use resources. Comprise has innovated the only unified payment solution with full Payment Card Industry and regulatory compliance for every point-of-payment in a library environment. For more information, please visit www.comprisetechnologies.com

About UIC

Uniform Industrial Corporation positions itself as a professional DMS manufacturer in the payment industry. From its inception in 1983, UIC has been a leading national provider of award-winning components and systems for banking, and retail solutions. The company’s simple-to-use products combine affordability, reliability, and performance to enable the most high-value and secure transactions. UIC’s innovative products have allowed fast, affordable and reliable payment products driven by unique technological developments in the payments industry. The company has branches in Fremont, USA and Frankfurt, Germany to support the American and European markets. UIC seeks to offer its partners cutting-edge solutions and outstanding customer service that exceed expectations.