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The company’s portfolio includes Magnetic Stripe, EMV Certified Smart Chip and Near Field Communication products, Decoder Integrated Circuits and much more.

Fremont, California, September 15, 2016 – With its innovative, automated payment solutions, UIC has made a name for itself in the cashless payment industry. Since its establishment in 1983, UIC has been manufacturing an extensive selection of safe and secure payment products for several vertical markets. The company’s product portfolio includes, but is not limited to, magnetic stripe, EMV Certified Smart Chip and Near Field Communication products and Decoder Integrated Circuits.

“Rapid technological advancements have transformed the way business is conducted today. Keeping pace with these changes, UIC offers  an array of high quality, secure payment hardware and software,” said company spokesperson Albert Li. “Our goal is to assist our customers streamline and simplify business payments. We have over three decades of experience  in the design, manufacturing and supply of cashless payment products. The use of these modern products save payment-processing time and cost in the long run.”

Having a solid presence in 51 countries, UIC has a large pool of satisfied customers. The company markets their products in Europe and Americas. In addition, UIC’s research and development, as well as marketing and sales operations take place in Taipei Taiwan and Fremont, California. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan.

“UIC is your single-most reliable global partner for the production of cashless products. From EMV Contactless Reader to MSR Readers, we provide customized payment solutions designed for your business needs. All of our products combine reliability, security and affordability. They are also easy to use and maintain,” added Albert Li.

UIC products adhere to the latest international certification and standards. All products are manufactured using best practices to ensure quality. They also consist of plug and play capability with advanced features using state-of-the-art technologies. 

It’s worth noting that UIC has been a trend setter for Magnetic Stripe Reader and Writer products for more than 20 years. Presently, the company is making headlines in EMV and NFC products and systems.
UIC caters to an array of diverse industries, including banking, retail, petroleum, hospitality, transportation, gaming and many more. The company seeks to strengthen client relationships through efficient and dependable client services.