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3 in 1 Advanced Contact/Contactless Unattended Device

The Bezel 8 is three in one device supporting Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionalities. It has been developed to integrate seamlessly into vending machines and other unattended applications such as parking lots, transportation, petroleum stations. It conforms to IP and IK codes to meet outdoor deployments.

The Bezel 8 is equipped with a powerful 32-bit processor that is capable to process advanced contactless/contact applications. It is a highly secure device that uses Data Enhanced Standard (DES), Triple Data Enhanced Standard (TDES), Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), Message Authentication Code (MAC), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Rivest, Shamir Aldeman (RSA) encryption algorithms. It uses Linux Operating System and is capable of remote firmware download. It fully complies with European Vending Association (EVA) mounting requirements. It is a versatile device that interfaces with RS-232, USB, RJ-11 and Ethernet devices. It is powered either by USB or RS232 port.


Features & Benefits

The Bezel 8 with Linux OS allows remote downloading to update the firmware or applications. It is equipped with a high performance 32-bit processor that is capable handling advanced contactless/contact EMV applications. Bezel 8 comes with an encryption engine for handling data in highly secure payment environments. It supports EMV Contact L1 & L2, Contactless VISA PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, American Express, Discover D-PAS, ApplePay/VAS, Google Wallet, and Google Wallet/Smart Tap NFC applications.

  • Delivers a compact all-in-one design for unattended vending applications
  • Stylish outline
  • Device manageable, service upgradeable
  • All-in-one payment interface (ICC/MSR/Contactless)
  • LCD display lets users know their transactions were processing status, plus multi color LED for better user interaction
  • NFC Ready
  • Linux Operating System
  • Remote firmware download support
  • Compliant with EVA mounting requirements
  • Surface mount options
  • USB and RS232 connectivities


  • Processor:Main CPU: 32-bit processor /RF CPU: 32-bit processor
  • Magnetic Card Reader:ISO7811; triple track reading
  • Smart Card Reader:ISO7816; support 3V and 5V
  • SAM Module:3 SAM module socket
  • Contactless: All layers of ISO14443 Type A&B communication scheme / Support the ISO18092 NFCIP-1 standard

  • Weight: < 350g
  • Dimensions:L :105 mm x W: 84 mm x D:48 mm
  • Material:PC+ABS, 94V-0
  • Display:LCD display (128x64 Mono Graphic LCD with backlit)
  • Light:Flash light pipe for MSR and ICC for guiding indication and audience attraction
  • Mounting:Compliant with EVA mounting requirements /Surface mount option

  • Operating Temperature:-20 ˚C to 70 ˚C
  • Storage Temperature:-30 ˚C to 80 ˚C
  • Operating Humidity:5% to 95% (Non condensing)
  • Storage Humidity:5% to 95% (Non condensing)
  • Enclosure:UV exposure resistance
  • IP Rating:54
  • IK Rating:06

  • RJ11 : EPP/ Peripheral
  • RJ50 : USB/ RS232
  • RJ45 : Ethernet

  • Input Voltage:USB power or 5V/1A from RS232
  • Battery RTC life:5 years

  • DES, 3DES, SHA, MAC, AES and RSA encryption algorithms

  • EMV:EMV Contact L1& L2 ; EMV Contactless L1
  • Payment Card: Visa payWave / MasterCard Paypass /American Express / Discover D-PAS
  • Regulations: FCC Class B ; FCC ID ; CE Class B ; RoHS