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PoT - Payment of Thing

Simplifying EMV Migration with PoT

Making L1, L2, L3 and processor certification a seamless action.
Payment of Things (PoT) is the internetworking of payment devices – embedded with electronics, software and network connectivity that enable these devices to process highly secure payment transactions, transparent from PCI-DSS (Out of Scope), making the certification process a seamless action.

PoT is a solution that allows for the reuse of the payment configuration and any changes the configuration and compliance needs once they have gone through the PCI/EMV mandate. It will have its cloud services available to maintain each merchant account with a specific configuration. Because of this, merchants will not have to be concerned with any mandate and/or payment service changes in the future. PoT will also lay out the entire groundwork with EMV, PCI, and acquires and offer a simple SDK to interact with and make the implementation of EMV a very quick and painless process.   


Features & Benefits

  • Lower the cost of maintaining PCI validation and compliance
  • Keeps the POS/host platform outside of dependency 
  • Automatic offline transaction available when network is down
  • Eliminate the POS "maintain update future payment” mandates  
  • Allow merchants to be less concerned about PCI DSS
  • Speed up time to market for both processors and merchants
  • Reconfigurable payment device for different readers
  • Fast performance Quick/Fast Chip embedded


  • Robust embedded hardware with low power consumption 
    and “always on” payment device
  • TCP/IP enabled
  • Level 3 MSR + EMV Payment applications
  • Uses SSL encryption
  • USB, RS232 interfaces
  • Allows for remote download of both PoT and connected reader 
    firmware and /or configuration
  • Transparent end-to-end encryption
  • Processor and merchant profiles can be stored and 
    /or retrieved using the cloud  
  • Connects to devices such as MSR, EMV, Contactless, 
    Hybrid MSR/EMV, PIN pad, payment terminals, 
    POS systems (Windows/iOS/Android)
  • 2nd Ethernet port options for POS terminals
  • Out of PA-DSS Scope with processor certifications